Monday, March 23, 2009

Disney World 2009! What an awesome family Vaca... The whole Chavez clan ventured off to Florida for 7 days! We started with The Magic Kingdom for 2 days in a row! The Happiest Place on Earth Right!! The 3rd day we went to Disney's Animal kingdom. The Safari there was incredible and they had a version of the Matterhorn called Mt. Everest Expedition. It was one of the best roller coasters! Ralph and Eileen headed to Epcot on day 4 and the rest of us went to Disney's Hollywood Studios! There we saw my favorite Beauty and the Beast Musical, also an Ariel Musical and Toms must see was the Stunt cars and stuff! Totally cool stuff and more pics that will be up later!
We had a Fantabulous time! It went by super fast and we were sad to leave!

Silly peeps!

You can't be on Vacation and not go swimming right! So every day before we hit the parks we hit the pool first! The weather was totally perfect! High 70s low 80s! And the pools were awesome! Grandad even taught Ty-bo to swim! Go Ty!! or shall I say Go Grandad!!

Who doesn't love this ride... Auto-topia or Speedway! Ty was focused on winning the whole time and Daisy...well lets just say thank god its 9 more years before she gets her licence! Self admitted crazy driver! And Tom just can't follow the rules (NO RAMMING OTHER CARS) I think me and Daisy need neck braces now!

Family Pics! Tom got a new nick-name from the Photographer... Chatter-Box Chavez! Suits him well!

This is the Space Shuttle Launch from Cape Canaveral... What an awesome bonus for us! We didn't even know there was going to be a launch and all of a sudden the whole park was in a frenzy pointing at the sky! It was amazing to be able to see this in person!!